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Get your A/C ready !

A Few Facts:

  • Just .042 inch of dirt on a coil can lead to decreased efficiency of 21%, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Air conditioner efficiency is halved when there is 15% of duct leakage. Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • If your Air Conditioner were a car you would rack up an average of 27,600 miles per year. That's how hard it works for the average home.
  • Your A/C unit accounts for 50-60% of your electric bill.
  • Dirty air-conditioning coils increase energy costs by $100 to $450 per year.
  • A 10% refrigerant undercharge can increase A/C operating costs by 20%.
  • A/C systems that are serviced perform more efficiently.

 Here's what we do...

  1. Inspect and clean condenser coil
  2. Check actual voltage at compressor against manufacturer's ratings
  3. Tighten electrical connections
  4. Inspect condenser contactor
  5. Inspect starting and running capacitors
  6. Check all safety controls
  7. Clean and inspect thermostat for proper calibration
  8. Check for proper refrigerant charge
  9. Lubricate condenser fan motor and inspect fan blade
  10. Inspect indoor blower motor and squirrel cage for cleanliness, lubricate motor, check belt for tension, condition and alignment
  11. Check condensate drain and drain lines for blockage
  12. Check emergency drain and drain pan for blockage
  13. Inspect evaporator coil
  14. Check return air chases, ducts and filters
  15. Inspect accessible ductwork for air leaks

* Tune-up price for one system. Not valid for commercial, third party, or new construction customers, with any other offers, on prior sales or existing services. Some restrictions may apply. Void if copied or transferred and where prohibited. Mention this ad to your technician to receive this special rate. No cash value.

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